The main objective of the Georgian Grid initiative is to increase awareness and facilitate access of Georgian research and education community to the European Grid Infrastructure. EGI provides access to powerful processing facilities and large storage capabilities. This objective includes assessment of new user communities, training and user support.

Another objective is further development of Georgian Grid infrastructure and implementation of new services available at EGI by involving other interested and competent institutions of the country. 

We welcome new applicants to join our efforts for extending the Grid environment in Georgia, either as research teams who would like to experience the benefits from deploying their applications on the Grid, or as providers of Grid infrastructure.

Tbilisi State University and Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association are implementing project: Development of Grid Infrastructure and Services to Support Research Communities in Georgia funded by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Project is executed by three research groups from:
  1. Department of Scientific Research and Development of Tbilisi State University;
  2. High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State University; 
  3. Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association - GRENA.